Wondering how to read your royalty statement? 

What exactly does “Opening Balance” mean?

This is your closing balance from the previous statement. If this is an inception to date royalty period, that is why the balance is $0.  

What are Transfers?

The collaborator’s share of the royalty income. Details of the transfers are displayed further down in the statement.   

What is “Your share of Net Profit Deal”?

This will be your income with the royalty rate percentage of your net profit share deal applied.

A summary of the Net Profit deal will also be displayed further down the statement, as pictured:  

What is my Digital Income?

This is the contract’s share of the digital income earned this period. 

How much will I actually receive?

The New Balance is the amount that you will actually receive from this statement. If the balance is negative, the contract has not yet recouped and therefore no payment will be due.  

What time period is this for?

The time period will be listed at the top of the statement. H1 2023 stands for the first half of 2023 (January to June) and H2 2203 stands for the 2nd half of 2023 (July to December).  

What does “Unrecouped” mean?

This means that the contract has not yet recouped the advanced costs. The percentage you see is what has been recouped so far. When it reaches 100%, the contract is fully recouped. 

What are the Costs?

These are the recoupable expenses associated with the contract during this royalty period, (e.g. artwork, recording costs, travel, marketing, etc), as well as the date of the transaction.  

In the Sales Highlights section, what are the amounts shown to the right?

These are the sales that each release has generated on each platform (e.g. Spotify), each configuration of the platform (the type and level of streaming service, e.g Spotify Premium) and in each country. 

What does my Sales Breakdown tell me?

Your sales breakdown will tell you exactly how much you have earned from each platform, the time period during which it was earned and the particular tier on the platform through which the sale came.  

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