Our Mission

Royalties made simple.

Tone is here to fix the broken financial processes in the music industry.

royalty payment

“As we look towards the future of our company, streamlined royalties will allow us to scale and free up one of the less enjoyable aspects of our jobs.”

Nathaniel Heller

Label Manager, Fool’s Gold Records

Our mission is clear

Music has always been a catalyst for innovation, driving the culture through changes in sound, style, streaming, and social media. But when it comes to getting paid for our work, we’re decades out of date.

That’s why we built Tone –  to modernize royalties for labels, artists, and everyone who loves music.

Tone makes royalties simple by enabling labels to ingest all sales and cost data, calculate royalties accurately and quickly, and make one-click payments for your entire roster.

Labels uncover actionable business insights via Tone’s platform. Artists receive statements that are mobile-friendly and easy-to-understand.

Our dashboards show everyone—labels, artists, songwriters, producers, and everyone else—how their work is performing across time and across platforms, so they can better grow their businesses.

Open your brain space for more interesting things than processing payments.

We’re setting a new standard for financial clarity and efficiency in the music business.

Labels and artists want to share their music with the world, and we believe they should get paid fairly to do it. Together, let’s make that happen.

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Please tell us a bit more about your royalty needs and one of team members will reach out.

Please tell us a bit more about your royalty needs and one of team members will reach out.

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