How Blume Simplified the Royalties Payable Process

“More visibility should be the expectation and the standard. It’s great that Tone is providing that.”
Shai Goodman
Manager at YMU and Blume Records

Before Shai Goodman started working at Blume, an independent label founded by the electronic artist 3LAU, she didn’t have much experience with royalties payable. “It was a deep dive into the process,” she says.

Blume had been using traditional royalties software for years. “We would get the statement from them and then do the rest ourselves,” she says. “We would email X person who wrote on X track and say, ‘Here’s what we owe you. Please send us an invoice and we’ll pay it.’ We did that twice a year and it definitely took a long time. Many hours in Google spreadsheets, making sure everything was right.”

For an independent label with a three-person staff, it was a challenge. “To pay people on time and accurately, we needed an easier, more streamlined way to do our royalties,” says Shai. That’s why they turned to Tone. “It’s incredibly helpful. As opposed to keeping track of everything ourselves, it’s an automated system that tells us, ‘Your H2 2022 mechanicals are ready to review.’ You don’t need a deep understanding of accounting. It’s so easy and it looks so clean, an intern could use it. ”

Now that the Blume team is paying royalties through Tone, they can concentrate on what they really love – music.

“We don’t have to be so caught in the weeds. Using Tone means less time spent on administrative tasks and more time spent on creative. We can focus on future releases and creating a great body of work.”
Shai Goodman
Manager at YMU and Blume Records

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