The Fool’s Gold Royalty Payment Experience

"As we look towards the future of our company, streamlined royalties will allow us to scale and free up one of the less enjoyable aspects of our jobs."
Nathaniel Heller
Label Manager, Fool's Gold

“Our label has fifteen years of data. That’s the biggest nightmare with royalties,” says Jorge Mejias, Fool’s Gold’s CFO. When artists and managers contact him about records released years ago, “it’s out of the blue,” he says. “It’s urgent. I have to drop everything and look through so many systems that exist across so many distributors. Trying to piece all of those together, source the original files, and make a timeline can be a nightmare. It just derails my whole day.”

That’s why Fool’s Gold onboarded Tone Royalty Services. “It seemed like a natural fit,” says Nathaniel. “We could bring our system into the modern era. It’s all streamlined. Now, Jorge can do things that are actually good for his mental health.”

Fool's Gold co-founders A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs discuss their first 15 years and making every royalty payment easy. Click the image to watch the video.
"As a label that prides itself on being very artist-friendly, on having friendly terms and making music with our friends, a friendly royalty system is crucial."
Nathaniel Heller
Label Manager, Fool's Gold

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